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Improving the economics of distribution in this great state of Maine.

Where we excel is in consolidating deliveries of goods that are destined for the same markets into a single stream. By pooling products that are going in the same direction and offering customer maintenance, we can eliminate some of the costs associated with transportation for small farms, producers, and wholesalers. We are also able to pick up products in outlying locations from producers and bring their products to retail or wholesale customers on the other end of the route.

High quality products from exceptional companies

We’re proud of our partnerships with many Maine and New England based farms and food producers. Our focus remains on consumer packaged goods across a number of different categories.

High quality products from exceptional companies is one of our guiding principles. We are equally proud of our curated assortment of products from “away.” Our careful selection of what we carry speaks directly to that core belief.

Increased Opportunity

This service reduces fuel use, allows farms and businesses to keep their personnel focused on production rather than on transportation, opens up new markets for businesses in a cost effective way (without labor, fuel, and vehicle costs) and intrinsically offers the opportunity to cross market with other producers in the delivery pool. Many small farms, bakeries, beverage companies, and wholesalers do not have enough labor or product volume to justify expanding markets. We believe that our services can be part of the solution in improving the economics of distribution

We offer a broad assortment of products

Hot sauces, seasoning rubs, barbecue sauce, salsas, seaweed, kelp flakes and lettuces, pasta sauces, pickled veggies, tortilla chips, jerky… and more.

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