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The history of Frank Pierce Goodwin and FP Goodwin, Co.

May 1892
Frank Goodwin Born
Frank Pierce Goodwin, Jr. was born
Portrait of Frank P Goodwin

Frank Pierce Goodwin, Jr. was born in the New Settlement District of South Hiram on May 26, 1892 to Frank P. and Eliza (Bradeen) Goodwin.

He was the youngest of three children.

Moved to Kezar Falls
Moved to Kezar Falls

When his father died in 1905, Eliza moved with Frank, Jr. to Kezar Falls and lived in an apartment over what was then the Ridlon Brother’s Store (now the Village Laundry).

Frank worked at the Kezar Falls Woolen Mill and the Kezar Falls Bobbin Mill. Being a real Yankee businessman with faith in his abilities, he eventually struck out for himself. His first venture was to open a roadside stand, install a gas pump and build three small overnight cabins at what became known as Indian Glen, which he later sold. At one time he operated a grocery store in Kezar Falls in the bank building.

After the fire there he ran another grocery store in Cornish, later to become Coolbroth’s market.

Purchased Bakery
Purchased Bakery

In 1914 he purchased the John Quint Bakery on Bridge Street, Porter (Kezar Falls Village). He operated it as a bakery for a time but eventually enlarged it and established the general store – “Goodwin’s”, selling a wide range of merchandise but eventually settling on groceries.

This establishment continued to operate as an important local small store under different management at times in recent years, but still owned by the family until 2018 when one of his great grandsons closed the business for good and put it up for sale.

Purchased Inn
Purchased Inn

In 1934 Mr. Goodwin purchased the Lakecroft Inn at North Sebago, changing it to Goodwin’s North Sebago Lodge and Cabins which did an extensive business catering to both the general as well as the traveling public. It is still owned by the family today.

Frank Goodwin started from scratch and by hard work and self-sacrifice combined with rare business judgment, became owner of thriving businesses. In his daily life, he was a businessman first and last, sincere and honest, and as such he commanded the respect of all with whom he dealt. Yet he was of a generous nature, interested in the affairs of the town and always ready to contribute more than his share to any worthy cause.

October 1920
Married Ethel
Married Ethel

He married Ethel Gilpatrick on October 10, 1920 and built a home on Summer Street where they spent many happy years, blessed by the birth of a daughter, Patricia, on July 20, 1921. They suffered the loss of their second daughter, Isabelle at the age of six on December 19, 1934.

Suffered Stroke
Suffered Stroke

He was a member of the Greenleaf Masonic Lodge in Cornish, Charter Oak Grange in South Hiram, a member of the Kezar Falls Knights of Pythias, the Order of Redmen and the Kezar Falls Kiwanis Club. In 1953 suffered a paralytic stroke causing the loss of his mobility and the ability to talk. His nephews, Robert, Clarence and Norman Edgecomb managed the store.

Frank Passed Away
Frank Passed Away

Frank was still mentally alert though, and he continued to direct activities at the store through written word or sign language for several years. He passed away on Sept. 8, 1965. His wife followed on December 29, 1968.

To Today
FP Goodwin Co.

Today, Frank Pierce’s name still finds itself affixed to a company passionate about its customers and working diligently towards making Maine a more connected and thriving state: FP Goodwin, Co.

FP Goodwin, Co. is owned and operated by his great grandson, Jason Merritt.

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